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Member Profile: 67s all over wembley

When did you start spotting :
late 70s then retired from it when I joined British rail in the 80s left Network Rail in 2010 with my free passes so re established a interest

Favourite Location:
always been a lover of Willesden/Wembley/Acton area

Favourite Locomotive:
67s of Course

Part of the country you are based in:
Mighty Blackwater valley

Date of joining LocoScene:

Total Number of Sightings:
3792 in 1065 Sessions

Notes by 67s all over wembley:
in my currently line of work I do a lot of traveling from London and the South to the West Midlands so like 10 oclock meetings in West Bromwich which is a early morning trip to Bescot or Tamworth

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